Legs!!! (of the doll variety)

I am having so much fun with my latest knitting project.  My mom put me onto these Scandinavian knitters named Arne and Carlos.  They are so creative and fun.  She just sent me a book they wrote called Knitted Dolls.  I could not wait to start knitting a doll.  The book includes a basic doll pattern and then a bunch of ways to customize your doll.  Not to mention the clothes!  There are so many creative patterns for doll clothes.  Their dolls are so unique, and Arne and Carlos use lots of colors.

I mean look at this cover. These are dolls they knitted to look like themselves.  I love them.  I want to knit some little glasses too!

knitted dolls


I have started a doll.  Another great thing about these dolls is that it is a great way to use up leftover yarn.  I have quite a bit of Knit Picks Palette, and that’s what I am using for the legs.  Can you tell that these are legs?


When you knit the body, you can go “flesh tones” or you can knit it to have basic underclothes on.  I had to go for the striped tights.

I am a little worried about the hair and face.  I can really mess up a doll with a wonky face, but I think they provide great instructions to make the features.

I can’t wait to figure out how I am going to “dress” her!


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