Knitting: Too Pink!

I have been working on my mini Davey.  Starting these little guys out is very fiddly.  I am not a fan of balancing 12 stitches on four needles, but I have actually gotten better at it over time.



I had ordered Knit Picks Palette yarn because it is very reasonably priced and comes in a variety of colors.  I was trying to find some good “skin” colors, but  it can be hard to tell on the computer screen what the actual color will be.

I knitted these legs.



Davey told me they were too pink.  I looked at David, and he agreed.  I guess they are pretty pink especially in comparison to the more olive-toned mini cp.



I tried to make the argument that people come in many different colors, tones or hues, but they weren’t convinced.

So I decided to order the yarn that Arne and Carlos use to make their dolls.  David and Davey are much happier with these colors.  Fortunately, I can still use the “pink” legs because I will put pants and socks over them.



Now I can finish up little Davey. Except that yesterday I decided that I just had to knit some lace, and that I needed to start a new project immediately.  I kinda don’t like this about myself – the tendency to start new things so impulsively, but I just go with it. It takes me in interesting directions sometimes.

I have wanted to knit a pi shawl for awhile so I have started a pattern by Donna Druchunas called Diamond Rings.  Unfortunately, I started it 3 times.  This was a little frustrating!  It was my own dumb fault.  I tried to transfer to circular needles too early.  Twice!  My favorite dumb mistake was that after I transferred, I had too much circular needle for the number of stitches I had so I was having to kind of move the stitches around.  Somehow I took off knitting in the wrong direction.  Hadn’t done that for awhile.  So I ripped it out again.

Now, I am off to a decent start.



I may have gotten carried away with the stitch markers, but I am trying to protect myself from more dumb errors!

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