Knitting: Sometimes it’s all good and then there’s Grandpa Davey

I had a chance to knit quite a bit over the break.  I came across a fair isle pattern for a Seahawk hat, and I knew I had to make it for a friend who is a major devoted fan.

It was so fun to knit, and it turned out nice.  The pattern is called the ‘Hawks Hat, and it is a free pattern on Ravelry.

I got Davey to model it for me.



Unfortunately, now I notice that the above picture shows the end of the round part of the hat so that the nice jog line is visible where I made the color changes.

I also got the chance to catch some different Davey expressions.  It’s funny how varied they are.



It’s pretty obvious that Davey’s eyes are brown, but I swear that I didn’t know what color they were for the first four years of his life.  They were a mix of blue and brown and sometimes green.  I think they are done changing now.



I am also in the midst of knitting some socks.  I went through a phase where I knitted a whole bunch of socks, and I grew weary of them.  About three years ago, I got some awesome Signature needles.  I love them, but for some reason the sock project I’d started with them languished in the basement.  I’m kind of on a mission to finish some of these projects (I say kinda because my knitting moods change like the wind, and because of that, I don’t want to commit too strongly) so I got the socks going again.  I think this yarn is a wool nylon mix that I bought at some point somewhere.  I can’t remember.


The yarn is fun, and the needles are a joy.

So then I was working on another project. It began with mini-me.  I thought she turned out pretty nice.



So I decided to make a mini – Davey next. It was all going well.  I even made him some little cargo pants, because Davey pretty much lives in cargo pants.



But then I finished knitting his head, and I started working on the face and hair.  That’s when it all went wrong.



Davey took one look at the eyebrows and said, “Mama, those eyebrows are for an old person.  Not for me!”  I disregarded his advice, because they really pretty closely matched the color of his eyebrows.

But then, I didn’t stuff the head enough which left him with a rather shrunken appearance.  I could also not get Davey hair going to save my life.  The way I did his eyes also contributed to him having a rather elderly appearance.



He’s a cute little guy, but he is definitely not too youthful.  I have kinda lost my gumption to continue with this project, so I am moving on for awhile.  Maybe I will come back and redo his head, and then maybe make David.  But if I don’t, that’s ok too.  I hold myself to no rules in my knitting world.  🙂

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