Reading is Fundamental

I have not blogged in awhile!  We’ve been busy with days of school and work (and play!).

I have been doing some knitting but I have put aside my Hulda Holly again for just a little break while I get some instant gratification with knitting a baby cardigan!

I am also starting back into school to get my elementary ed certification so that’s going to take up a lot of time as well.

One reason I want to teach is because I feel so strongly about reading and literacy.  I hope to become increasingly involved in promoting literacy and encouraging families to embrace reading with their children. I found this video this morning from RIF (Reading is Fundamental), and I wanted to share it. Here’s the link embedded in what I think is such an important statement:

“When you don’t have access to books, you only encounter them in a format that’s work…Owning your own books gives you access to something that is personal, positive and joyful.” 



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