Yesterday this sweet kid turned 7.5.

1010054 (1)


Davey just keeps on growing in so many ways.  Of course, he keeps getting taller and taller, but his little brain has grown so much too.  I love to listen to him read.  His curiosity continues to grow.  His questions surprise me and often send me to google.  Yesterday, he was teaching me about biomes and deciduous forests or something like that.  His sense of humor continues to grow as well.  I love that.

He is also not afraid to take on new challenges.  This last week has been very challenging as he tries to figure out this whole batting in baseball thing.  He’s a beginning baseball player, and it’s been tough on him trying to break through the beginner wall. He has worked diligently each day with David though, and he is really getting it.  I am proud of his determination.

Happy 1/2 birthday sweet Davey!

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