Advice from a Second-Grader

This is one of those posts that I just had to get written so that I would not forget this Davey conversation that I overheard.

Yesterday we had lunch with some good friends in Arkadelphia.  Davey had the best time playing with and chatting with their son Jack who is going into kindergarten this year.  I couldn’t help but listen to some of their conversation.  Davey was asking him all types of questions about starting school, and he was giving his best advice.

He had some basic advice for him like:  “If someone tries to bully you, just walk away.”

I also heard him tell Jack, “If someone tells you that they hate school, don’t listen to them!”

He asked Jack if he was nervous about starting kindergarten.  Jack said he was a little nervous.  Davey explained that this was a good thing “because it would help him learn better.”

I found this to all be pretty sound advice from my little second grader to be.

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