Rapunzel and a Cast on

I am starting a new knitting project today.  It’s a craftsy kit I ordered a little while back called Rapunzel Infinity Scarf Kit.  It’s knit with Cascade Heritage (fingering weight). Here’s a picture of what it will hopefully look like when I am done!

rapunzelI just love this.  I love the big cable in the middle (Rapunzel’s braid!), and how it is surrounded by lace on either side.

So the pattern begins with a provisional cast on so that I can graft the ends together when I am finished.  I have always been a little chicken of provisional cast ons because they never come apart quite the way they are supposed to (likely because I’ve done something wrong).  I did a google search though and found a result titled “EASIEST Provisional cast on”.  I thought this is the cast on for me!

Sure enough.  This is an awesome video.  She explains and demonstrates the cast on very clearly.  I was able to follow along with no problems, and I now have my stitches cast on and ready to go!

Link to the video!  Easiest Provisional Cast On.

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