It’s August.   I am working on getting my classroom ready.  Davey is preparing for the beginning of his last year of elementary school.  David still has some time left before he starts back, but he’s busy organizing and packing as we get ready to move to a new house.

My knitting has slowed wayyyy down.  I have not completed many projects over the last year.  This pair of socks may be one of the few things  (I really need to document better so I remember what I knit and who I give it to).  Oh!  I made a Gap-tastic cowl last fall.  I never get tired of making those.

Here’s my socks.  I bought this yarn from fibre space when we were in Virginia last winter (That is a great yarn shop.  It is up there in my top favorites along with Fancy Tiger in Denver and of course our local Yarn Folk.).  The yarn is from “The Lemonade Shop”.  The name of the yarn specifically is “Alternative Facts” – such a nice yarn with which to knit!


As usual, I worked from the Susan B. Anderson pattern – “How I Make My Socks”.  It’s just a simple pattern, and I have used it over and over.  It’s a great pattern, but I really ought to try a new one for my next pair.

It’s been a fun summer.  Davey’s learning to play golf which has got us all inspired to play more again.  We went to Silverwood for the first time which was a lot of fun.  Buster participated in the Doggie Olympics in Roslyn.  He was awesome in peanut butter licking.  He also worked well with Davey in Musical Hoops.  Davey had fun doing the obstacle course in our Gladiator Dash a few weeks ago.  We are not quite done yet!  Still a few weeks of summer left!


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