Quarantine Haircuts

While being home for the past two months, we have faced different challenges.  One of the challenges we tackled this week was David’s hair.  It’s been driving him crazy so he decided that maybe he could cut it himself.  He started studying numerous YouTube videos.  He studied for almost a week, and finally he decided that with my assistance, he was ready to try it.

Here’s the before picture:haircutbefore

After more studying and learning, David was ready to attempt to cut his hair.  With my help and some borrowed clippers from a friend, he began.


He gave me specific instructions, and I helped with clipper blending in the back and a few scissor touch ups.  David is a perfectionist so the process took awhile, but the end result was a good one!


He may never pay for a haircut again!

1 thought on “Quarantine Haircuts

  1. I gave Mr. Aitch a haircut a few weeks ago. 💇🏼‍♂️ It was better than before but I’m not a professional.
    He went to his usual person last week. So it looks as though my hairstyling days are over and I’m ok with that! 👍🏻

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