Thanksgiving and Notes on Davey

Today we had a great Thanksgiving.  It was great to have Johnny, Sara and Adilyn here.  Of course we are so thankful for Little Davey.  I think he had a pretty good Thanksgiving.  He didn’t get to eat much turkey, but I think he had fun meeting his uncle, aunt and cousin.

Davey has changed alot just in the last week.  Everyone keeps telling me "it goes by so fast".  I can believe this now when I look at his one week old picture compared to his two week old picture.  Seems like he changed so much in just a week.

His umbilical cord fell off this week.  On Monday night, his umbilical cord was hanging just by a thread.  It looked all raw underneath where it was falling off.  We didn’t know exactly what to do so I called the pediatric triage nurse at the pediatrician.   I admit that when I heard it might be an hour before she called back, I then called the nursery nurse at the hospital.  They have gotten a couple of calls from us before, and they have been very patient and helpful with us newbies.  Turns out they both gave the same advice:  put alcohol on it – he has no nerve endings there where the cord was coming off.  I didn’t know that.  And then let the cord fall off – which it did the very next day.

He likes to try to hold onto the bottle himself now sometimes.  It’s cute to see his little hand up there.

He’s so much more wiggly and alert every day.

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