Listening to Davey Coo

Davey just woke up from a nap.  It was really too short, but it sounds like he is about ready to get up.  So far he is in his crib cooing away.  He makes big long drawn out cooing sounds now.  Pretty fun to listen to.

We are just hanging out this weekend.  The week days are so busy with us both coming and going – me trying to get my part-time hours in and David being so busy at school.  So we look forward to the weekend.

I just put him in his swing and he about put his pacifier in his mouth all by himself.  He did actually get it there but he left his hand up there too so that he was simultaneously trying to suck on the pacifier and his thumb.  It’s amazing how fast he is growing.  I tried to put a 3-6 month outfit on him a couple of weeks ago that was just too long for him.  Today it was almost too short.   He’s trying to read his little cloth book now that crackles and crinkles when he touches it.


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