About Ear Infection and Rolling Over

My computer crashed the other day, so I am working on my laptop temporarily.  It’s a really basic laptop that I bought several years ago for graduate school; I basically just wanted a word processor.  However, it’s doing great for internet access.  I don’t have any pictures on my hard drive to post though.  I will try to do that later.

Davey has an ear infection.  He had not been sleeping well for a couple of nights, and then was not eating too well and started tugging at his ear.  So I took him to the pediatrician.  Both ears are infected.  Poor thing – 3.5 months old and his ears are infected.  He’s getting better quickly though and we caught it ok because his ears were not horrible.   He certainly loves his bubble gum flavored amoxicillin.  Loves it!  The cherry flavored Tylenol goes down pretty easily for him too.  Talk about a sugar rush if we give them both to him back to back.

Then today:  Davey rolled over!  He’s been working hard.  We got him to where he could roll over if his arm was tucked under his tummy already but he couldn’t just do it if his arms were sprawled out.  Well today he was on his tummy, and he did it seemingly with no effort at all.  Just roll plop.  David was upstairs with him the first time and he started yelling yay he did it!  So I came up and got to witness it.  He’s getting so big!  Yay Davey!

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