Getting Ready

I just typed in a nice post and then I didn’t save it right.  Either that or I will see a double post in a bit.  So in short.  Mom and Papa are coming tonight.  We are looking forward to seeing them!  Took Davey to the doctor today – his ears look good although she had to clear out some ear wax to ascertain that. 🙂

Bought a Tassimo Beverage maker today.  I have been wanting one for awhile – but didn’t splurge.  In honor of Mom and Papa coming, I splurged. 🙂

Here’s a happy picture that I took yesterday:


1 thought on “Getting Ready

  1. He is such a happy boy. I am so glad we have BLOGS. We can keep up with each other between blogs and the TALLY. I will have more time to scrap soon.I just have to get my time in order:o)

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