Happy Birthday Adilyn!

Today is my niece Adilyn’s 3rd birthday!  She’s a cutie, and I wish we could spend her birthday with her!

It’s stormy here this morning.  I am listening to the weather warnings which are on tv downstairs.  They have gone to constant weather coverage which is never a great sign.  Most of the weather is south of us though.

I started packing some again too.  Davey did not like the sound of the big packing tape dispenser.  I am trying to get him accustomed to it slowly as he is going to be hearing it a lot for the next month or so.  I can’t believe I am packing again. 

Took this picture of Davey the other day:

Davey is playing on his quilt and screeching like a banshee.  He is learning about the range of his voice.  Exercising his lungs and all that.


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