Picture of the Week

Yesterday we took Davey’s picture of the week:  I liked this one a lot:


So far Davey is always so patient with us as we take his picture on the couch with the frog EVERY week.  This week he is wearing his precious little shirt from Karen and Kevin – made by nice ladies in Ghana.  He is just five months old, but he looks like such a little boy in this picture! I think this final picture though shows that he’d had enough.  He’d had a HUGE spit up – which David actually caught in a photo, but which I thought was probably too gross to share.  He didn’t fuss, but well the picture tells the story:


3 thoughts on “Picture of the Week

  1. Those are great photos! I hadn’t seen them yet. He looks like Papa in that first one. In the other fliker photos I finally just looked at I thought you looked like both you and David. Glad he got to wear the shirt a little!

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