June 2, 2008 Hanging out at Mama Pearl’s

Hi from David!!!DaveySweet
Big David went to school today, and Davey and I are hanging out.  He is taking a nap at the moment.  He had big fun with his Pa for the past two days, and so today he is taking some recovery naps!  They played and played and had a great time.

We went into town this morning to this downtown small town drugstore.  Very fun.  It's great to be back in a true small town.  I met the people who own it at church yesterday.  They have a 16 month old daughter and she was too cute with Davey.  They were really looking at each other and touching each other's hands and hair.  She reached out to his foot and said "tickle tickle".  It's one of the few times he has interacted with a small child.  He enjoyed it.

It's hot and humid here today.  HUMID!

I am scrapbooking again with my limited supplies.  I never tire of moaning and groaning about my scrapbooking supplies being in storage.  I do have a few things though and they force me to be more creative!  I am just happy to be scrapping again.  I did this layout with some material from Davey's old Gerber zip ups and a burp rag. 


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