More from Mama Pearl’s

We are having a great time at Mama Pearl's.  We got a TON of rain last night, and today everything is so pretty and green.

We are preparing to head to Little Rock for two weeks to house sit for Will and Lisa.  Our three dogs and their three dogs!  It will be fun. 

We took David to the Caddo River the other day for the first time.  He wants to eat the rocks.  All of them.


Mom and Papa were here last week.  We went to the river again with them and over to town to see the school.  They had a good time with Davey, and he loved seeing them. 

Sunday we went over to Little MO Falls.  It was beautiful although abit treacherous to try to carry the baby.   We made it though.  Well, David carried him and I stumbled and tiptoed along behind him across the rocks. 


We found some little shallow pools where he could play.  He liked SPLASHING and…trying to eat rocks.


On a totally different topic, we tried to give Davey some baby food beef the other day.  We are thinking he needs some protein, but this did not go over well.



Guess we will have to search for alternative protein sources for awhile.  He likes his cereal and we introduced oatmeal cereal as well – it has a little more protein anyway. 

I have been scrapbooking as much as I can too.  Last night I did a layout that I like of Mikayla.  I think Mom took this picture maybe last year.


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