July 1st!!!

I have been such a blogging slacker!   Davey has just been growing and changing tons.  In 2 Days he will be 8 months old.  Last week we noticed that he is starting to cut a bottom tooth.  It was making him a little fussy, but I think he feels better now.  He’s a drool king though – he may start growing moss on his chin soon.

He wants to crawl so badly that he can hardly stand it.  He has crawled a few steps (steps?  that’s not the right word I guess, but I am not sure what a crawl unit is).  Even though he can’t totally crawl yet, he can still definitely get around.  If you turn your back for a second all of a sudden he is up on his knees leaning into some box.  We have to get everything off the floor!

We took him to the zoo a couple of weeks ago.  He loved the flamingos and the fritos bag (empty) that we let him play with.  I think he enjoyed some of the other animals as well, but the flamingos and fritos bag were a definite hit.  We also took him to walk on a nature trail.  It was just a half of a mile, but I will put the pictures up which will indicate how he wasn’t interested in staying in his stroller on that day.



Walk along the trail:



The other day, I put him in his highchair and gave him jello to play with.  He loved squishing it around, trying to pick it up, moving it around.  He tried to eat a little, but it was too slippery to get much to his mouth.  He got very sticky, but he had a great time!



Here’s Davey exploring his first wildflower.  As you might imagine, he tried to eat it!


2 thoughts on “July 1st!!!

  1. I bet Davey loved the zoo. Looks like he had some fun with that jello too. I love the photo of him admiring the flower.Too sweet!!

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