Bananas and Squirrels




Cut up a banana for Davey the other day.  He ate the entire thing and as you can tell he enjoyed it thoroughly!  He is having to scramble and dig in that plastic bowl as he dropped the plate that I initially put them on and for some reason it shattered on the linoleum.  I figured we probably ought to switch to plastic.

Yesterday morning, David got up first and after he walked by Davey's room, I started to  hear "dada, daaadaaaa, daadddeeeee, daaaadaaaa" over and over again.  He was trying to get someone's attention!

He is also saying mama, moooo (he loves those cows next door), and papa (He also loves Papa Jerry). He likes to try to say thank you and green.  "dank guuuu and guhheeeenn"

He is trying really hard to walk.  Yesterday he started taking about three or four little running steps when they are going to land him against the couch or us or one of the cubes. 

We also watch the squirrels from the back window.  They are working hard.  There is a pecan tree right behind the house.  They carry pecans one by one somewhere right by or inside the woods.  They haul buns across the yard.  They are not dilly dallying around.  I just turned my head and saw another squirrel outside the window working on a nut.  They are fun to watch.  Need to take some pictures and scrap them!

Got this fun graphic from my friend Pam and my online scrapping buddy Laura:


Thanks a bunch!  I love it!

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