October weeking and crib rail teething

We had a nice weekend.  Saturday we went into Glenwood and did a walk/run around the track.  (I did – David hung out with Davey.)  He took him to the fairgrounds next door where some people were riding horses.  One girl offered to take Davey for a ride.  David did not take her up on that, but he did briefly kind of perch Davey on a donkey named -Jack!  Davey was not too excited and actually lifted his legs as he does when he doesn't want to walk and you try to put him down.  David held him for a second though and Davey gave the donkey a few pats.

Yesterday we picked apples with Jerry.  I will put up some pictures of that later.  David got up on a ladder and used a extension reacher thing to get a bunch down.  Beautiful red Rome apples.  We'd never tasted apples that good.  I froze some in, and we have lots to eat.   Jerry has this very neat apparatus on which we placed the apple.  You position the apple and turn the crank, and it simultaneously peels, cores and slices the apple.  Now that was fun.  I think you could do 12 apples in the time it takes to peel, core and cut up one by hand with a knife.

Then we noticed that Davey had some black flecks on his chin.  We determined that he is teething on the rail of the crib.  I had seen him lick it before but never chew on it.  Sure enough, there are some teething marks.  So I just ordered a rail pad thing.  It's soft and hangs over the rail.  Hopefully it will do the trick.

Davey has a cold.  He wanted a bottle at 3:30, and then he was ready to get up at 5:20.  He's not feeling so swell I think.  So it's almost 7 am now – he is probably almost ready for a nap.  Me too!

1 thought on “October weeking and crib rail teething

  1. Oh, the apple contraption sounds SO nice! My mom brought me a half bushel of apples over.. can’t remember the name of them, but they are So good. I froze two bags worth for apple pie. Maybe I’ll make another soon. Has Davey cut teeth yet, or his this his first? Hope the lil guy is feeling better.

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