Books and Diaper Removal


Davey loves his books.  Lately he brings us one after another to read to him.  He can be a little like me listening to my old 80s music.  (I like to start a song, listen to it for about a minute, and then move onto the next one. :))  Usually though he wants to sit through the whole book – tucked nicely in my lap (or in David's). (He is tucked in our lap – not the book.  Lazy writing on my part.)

Today we went to McDonald's.  He had his first Happy Meal.  Well technically I suppose.  He probably ate about 1/2 of a chicken nugget.  He loved his little Madagascar 2 hippo toy though.  He also loved watching two little boys sitting by us.  (They were probably 6 and 4 or something close to that.)  I was wishing I had a little point and shoot to carry in my purse.  I love my Canon – but it's unwieldy to carry around to capture moments like first Happy Meals!

We just got home from Hot Springs and David changed his diaper.  He was getting ready to take a nap, so David was letting him run around in his diaper.  I guess he figured out how to remove the diaper, because he yanked it right off! 

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