First birthday – a little late blogging about it!

IMG_3202, originally uploaded by bieloh1.

I realized that I have not yet scrapped or blogged about Davey's first birthday. We had a great party! Jerry and Janis were kind enough to let us have the party at their house, as it would have been too crowded over here! We had about 20 people over. Davey had a good time. He played in the leaves with Mom, and he enjoyed trying to get involved in the cornhole games going on. He received many great gifts.

We got two cakes: a chocolate cake and a white cake. David was worried that the 1/4 sheet I ordered would not be enough. It probably would not have been so we had a chocolate one made real quick and David picked it up in Arkadelphia. I thought it was odd that the lady helping me order it over the phone was asking me how to spell Davey numerous times – and then I understood why when we got the cake which said "Happy Birthday Dazey". Yes Dazey – it's a common derivative of David – easy mistake to make. 🙂 I will post a picture of that chocolate cake which David attempted to adjust back to "Davey".

We were not going to offer Davey the chance to do the whole squish the cake and stuff it in his mouth thing, but then I picked up a piece of chocolate cake while I was holding him, and before I knew it, he was having a good old time with it!

It was a fun day – the weather could not have been more perfect on a November day. 70s and sunny!

We were happy that Memaw Lucy was there too. And Mama Mutt! We were thankful for all of our guests who came to celebrate Davey!

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