Sunday morning

Davey had a big day yesterday.  We went to Ft Smith to visit "Mama Jane".  She is Janis's sister (our neighbor/cousin).  She used to work in a gift shop so she accumulated a lot of Christmas decorations over the years, so she wanted us to come see her house and have lunch.  She did have lots of beautiful decorations!  She lives in Ft Smith with her husband Pete (Papa Pete), grandson, Chase, and their pug Dixie and dachsund Dolly.  She made us gumbo,slaw and meat pies.  I never had a meat pie before – it was like a fried pie but with meat in it, and I have to say it was delicious!
Her son and daughter in law came over with their kids. They have two teenagers and the teenagers had some friends over.  Those teenagers were all so sweet to Davey.  They played with him all afternoon.  They walked around the backyard with him at Jane's and then we went over to Jane's son's house for a little while. Jane's son's family lives right outside Ft Smith.  They have two horses:  Lady and Max.  Max is a miniature horse, and he is about the sweetest animal I have ever seen in my whole life.  Lady was a beautiful black horse.  Davey enjoyed seeing them.  Then he played inside with the teenagers. They put him on their laps and he played the drums.  It was a BIG day for Davey. 

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