This and That

I am trying to remember to record the little fun things that Davey says or does.  For example sometimes Davey will wake up around 6am and we will bring him to bed with us.  Occasionally he will go to sleep, but mostly he likes to climb around.  Sometimes though I will fall back asleep, and I am told that I sometimes – rarely I am sure – snore.  David says that Davey will try to make snoring noises too and it makes Davey laugh.  (I am glad someone finds snoring amusing!)

Last night he went to bed, but then was awake because we realized he had a poopy diaper.  David got him up and said that he had a poopy.  Davey said "poopy"  "poopy".  It was the first time he'd said it, and it just sounded so cute.  Who knew "poopy" could sound so sweet?

Here's a goofy family picture.  My eye is doing something droopy and strange and David wasn't thrilled with his hair, but I love how Davey is looking out of the corner of his eye over at David. 


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