Christmas in Oklahoma

Davey has such tired eyes in this photo, but doesn’t he look like such a little boy?

We had a great trip home. Davey wasn’t too excited about sleeping in a different place the first night, but he adjusted just fine the next day. (We’d gotten in late, and he’d been sleeping for 2 hours in the car – I think he was just a bit disoriented.)

On Christmas Eve he enjoyed dancing to the Christmas carols. He also enjoyed meeting his cousin Caden. Caden is just a month younger than him. Christmas Day was fun – we went to Mom and Papa’s in the morning and then in the afternoon he had a good nap. We saw Kev’s family in the late afternoon which was great – over at Ang and Kelly’s. For dinner we went to Johnny and Sara’s. Davey loved playing with Addie, Deven, and Jaiden. Johnny cooked for us. We decided we only want to eat Johnny food from now. I told him “gosh he could be a chef somewhere”. 🙂 Sara made great desserts too. We were glad that Rob and Angie could make it too!

I will post some more pictures of Christmas.

We came home the day after Christmas. It’s a four hour drive, but it takes us about 6 hours. We have to stop several times with the little boy. He did really well though. He completely melted down – had had enough of his carseat. Luckily we were seriously about 1/2 mile from home when it happened!

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