I am 41.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was one of my favoritest birthdays.  We stayed home and had a great day.  David made a cake.  Red velvet with cream cheese icing.  He worked very hard on it and followed the directions on the box to the letter.  He even had to go borrow a toothpick from Janis because we didn't have any, and that is what the box required for checking the doneness of the cake.



I wanted to put 41 candles on the cake in order to have a real inferno but David didn't think the cake could withstand the heat or multiple candle punctures. Jerry and Janis came over and had cake with us.  Davey also ate cake.  I let him go nuts with his slice, and he did not disappoint.  He was covered with red cake – probably not the best type of cake to make a mess with, but it all came out and off. 


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