Happy New Year!

I can hardly remember what we did last New Year's Eve.  We were back in Tennessee…I think.  No we were, but I don't remember it very much.  I guess we were still kind of tired with little Davey?  So I thought I would go to my blog archives, because surely I had posted an entry about the last day of 2007 and the beginning of 2008?  Nope.  Only one small entry in all of January.  So much for that.

So this year, I won't make that same mistake again, although I think I have recovered some of my memory making ability.  Yesterday, I made roly polies and then some cinnamon rolls with the leftover dough.  I'd made herring salad the night before, although I didn't have enough pickles so I had to add some more yesterday.  I have to say it was the best herring salad I'd ever made.  I made some pico de gallo and we had that with chips with our herring salad and rolls for dinner.  Is that an odd combination?  It seemed to work well together. 

Davey tried a few bites of herring salad.  He seemed to like it ok, but he was not coming out of the highchair trying to get more of it.  He did like the roly poly.  I made punch too.  Just like we made at home – ginger ale/pineapple juice/and frozen strawberries.  The floating strawberries freak David out a little but he had some too. 

After dinner, David took some herring salad and roly polies to Janis and Jerry.  Janis was actually not there, but she tried the roly polies later and liked them.  Jerry liked them a lot too.  Not so much on the herring salad.  Well like we always said at home, "that's ok if you don't like it; that means more for us!". :) 

We watched some Elf…again.  There was a 24 hour marathon of it on I think USA last night.  That might have been too much Elf even for me. 

Davey went to bed at 8:30pm.  David and I played Warhammer together until around 10:30 or so, then I went to bed to read.  We were asleep by midnight except that I think Davey woke up around then fussing a little.  He went right back to sleep though.

Ok so I think that about sums New Year's Eve.  Today on New Year's Day, we went to lunch at Janis and Jerry's.  We got our black-eyed peas.  They were good with cornbread, roast, rice, and cabbage.  She made a blueberry pie for dessert which was wonderful.  After lunch, we played in the yard with Davey for a long time.  He never wants to come in.  I confess that I promised him a cookie if' he'd come in.  That did the trick though.  "cookieeeeee" and he was headed towards the door.  All that outdoor time wore him out,and he is down for nap number 2.  Tonight we will have leftover herring salad for dinner.  Maybe a roly poly for dessert.

NOW I have an entry to look back on when next year I wonder what we did on New Year's Eve and Day!



(Davey tries some herring salad.)



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