New Year’s Day

On New Year's Day it was a little chilly outside, but we put Davey's hat on and his little red vest, and he was good to go.  He just loves to go outside; it is as if he does not even feel the cold.  He walked and walked and walked.  Then he sat for quite awhile on the ground and played with leaves and sticks. 





I love that look he does out of the corner of his eyes. 


He wants to go charging into the woods amidst the brambles and barbed wire.  He also wants to charge down hills, although he does seem to know when he needs to take my hand.  He also knows immediately when it is safe to drop my hand again.


Finally it is time to go inside, and as you can see Davey is not too happy about it.  He recovers quickly though as you can see in the next picture:


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