Two Davey Stories

Davey has learned how to point.  Not sure this is going to be a good thing. :)  So at Christmas he learned who Santa Claus is, and he would say Ho Ho whenever he saw Santa.  I have now learned though that to him Santa is not just a man dressed in red who also has a long white beard.  Davey identifies Santa Clauses by their size and if they have a long beard – white is not a requirement. 
So any large man with a big beard that walks by (and this happened twice yesterday at McDonald's), Davey points and says HO HO!  Luckily it comes out more like "Oh OH", although I am not sure that is any better. šŸ™‚
Davey has a great great aunt whom is called Mama Mutt by her grandchildren.  They shorten it to MaMutt and Davey has also learned this.  However he also thinks that any elderly woman with gray hair is a MaMutt.   He points and says "MaMutt!"  He did this a couple of times too yesterday in Walmart.  Also today at lunch at the Pizza Shack. 
It's in the high 50s today so we went walking outside.  He loves to walk and walk and then sit for awhile and play with the leaves and grass and then walk some more.  He holds as many pine cones in his arms as he can and he yells "pine cone" whenever he sees one.  He also knew the word for stick today – a word that I didn't know he had learned. 
Now he is supposed to be taking a nap.  Big Davey is sick so he is taking a nap too.  Little Davey has been playing the "uh oh" game though where he throws all his pacis (he has started calling them "tas") and his little stuffed guys (little Elmo, Goofy, Donald Duck and MooMoo) out of his crib and then starts yelling "uh oh" so that you will come pick them up for him.
This is more than two stories.  But finally I want to consider how he started calling pacifiers "tas".  I think it is because he has always found it very amusing when I crawl around under the crib retrieving pacifiers.  As I bring them back up into his view, I always say "ta da!"  So I think maybe that's it. 
And what is a blog post without a picture?  Here Davey is playing hide and seek with us.  He is pretty sure he is still pretty much hidden here I think. šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Two Davey Stories

  1. Christina, I just love all of these little stories about Davey. He such a cutie pie! I need to be documenting more of the stuff that my kids do. I was writing things down for awhile, but have gotten away from it. Hope you are all over the yuckies.

  2. This is great! I agree with the person’s comments above – I’ve gotten away from documenting. It’s so hard! I can’ barely keep up with the current activity…..
    What a sweet little boy. I just hope he doesn’t say mamutt next time he sees me!

  3. Christina ~ I just caught up on the blog and I LOVE all the pics. I wish we had seen the little man at Christmas, I hope we get to see him soon!! xoxoxo Ang

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