Oop and Elmo and other Miscellany

We have been working on Davey saying Opa and Oma.  Today we had a breakthrough, and Davey now calls Opa and Oma, "Oop and Elmo". 

Davey loves Elmo at the moment.  We just got him an Elmo chair and he has a little Elmo from Nanny and Pa.  "Elmo Elmo" he says.  I guess Oma and Elmo sounds abit alike to him.  We have watched a little Sesame Street on netflix videos, and we have shown him some Elmo youtube videos.  He loves them.  "Elmo Elmo Elmo"!!!!

Davey loves blueberries for breakfast.  Loves them. David thaws frozen berries, and Davey will eat one after another.


Davey has a cold.  I have had it for several days, and I was hoping he would get nothing worse than the sniffle he has had.  Last night he had a fever though, and he was not feeling great today.  He played pretty normally though.  When I say "where is your ow?" – he holds his head.  He puts his hands on his temples.

When we ask him how old he is, he holds up his little right pointer and says "ONE!"

We built him his first fort which he has enjoyed thoroughly.  You can often find Daddy and him playing in the fort.



He loves cookies.  He looks at our beverages and says "drink".  He says "Meat!".  He loves crackers.  He loves "yo" (Yogurt). 

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