In Which I Learn the Importance of Making a Swatch

We've been sickly around here.  Davey and I had a stomach bug (which we referred to as the plague) which lasted from Saturday night until Friday for me and a little longer for Davey.  David avoided it somehow but got a cold right before his trip to Berlin.  When he got back – after having avoided the plague for a week – he caught a 24 hour version of it.  (As did Mom while Papa and her were visiting us over the weekend.) Plague!  So we are better now except for this dumb cold in my eyes and nose.

I haven't felt like doing a lot, but I have been doing quite abit of knitting.  The other day I checked out a book at the library – The Baby Knits Book by Debbie Bliss.  Oh it has the cutest sweetest patterns.  I decided to make some little shoes.  They were not initially for Davey.  I don't know who they were going to be for, but people are always having babies!  They were supposed to be size 6-12 months.  I decided against the swatch having figured, I'd be close and besides slippers are stretchy. 

So I made them.  A fun pattern for me.  I knitted a little top for the shoe and then had to pick up stitches around the sides to do the sides and back of the shoe.  It took me awhile to figure it out.  So when I was done, I put some lines of puffy paint on the bottom so that they'd be more non-slip.  That worked pretty well.  Then I thought – well I wonder how close they are to fitting Davey.  Davey has pretty big feet for his age – size 6.5 right now.  Well the slippers almost fit – except that they fall off when he walks.  Next winter they should fit. :)  Moral of the story:  I will knit my swatch in the future!


I had a bag filled with assorted teabags.  I gave it to Davey to play with the other day.  It has resulted in hours of playing.  I am finding teabags all over the house.  He likes to tuck things away in all sorts of hiding places:  the trunks on his little cars, under the computer, in the cabinets, in various boxes.  He has had more fun with these teabags.  Yesterday I bought him some jumbo crayons and those have also been a hit.  He carries them all over the house.  He draws a little; this morning I saw him pretending to write on a piece of paper.  There are also crayons scattered.  I noticed that there were supposed to be 16 in the box.  I have only been able to locate 8-10. 


2 thoughts on “In Which I Learn the Importance of Making a Swatch

  1. YA KNOW….I just bought a little knitting kit…i want to learn. I am not one for reading /following instructions! I am more of a see it in person kind of learner!!!
    How’s that rainbow album coming??

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