Poop, Pizza and Puppets (ok muppets, but I had this alliteration thing going)

Today Davey and I went to Pizza Shack for lunch.  Pizza!  Davey loves Pizza.  There was a little girl about his age there and she had gotten a little bouncy ball out of the ball vending machine thing.  I guess she got a second one, because she came over and gave it to Davey.  It was sweet.  Davey is quite the fan of the ball anyway!

He also had lemonade – always a treat.  I tried to get him to eat a little cottage cheese.  “Noooooooo” he said in about 6 syllables.

Then we went to the Dollar Store.  Dollar General I guess it was.  Never went into one of those stores in my life before we moved to Glenwood.  There is also Family Dollar in Glenwood.  They are Glenwood’s mini Walmarts.  We needed Wipes.  So they had these Sesame Street muppets.  He saw Ernie – ehnnnniiieee!,  Elmo and Cookie Monster – Cooookieeee!.  Actually I thought the little blue guy looked more like Grover, but he immediately said Cookie and he was right.  He gave them a group hug.  I convinced him to put Cookie Monster up, but we got Elmo and Ernie.  He was just having so much fun hugging them and giving them sugar (and chomping on their noses).

I watched him in the rearview mirror on the way home.  He played with Ernie and Elmo.  He talked to them.  He gave them more group hugs and kisses.  He had a great time.

Then when we got home, I was putting some things up and he was in the breakfast room.  I went in there, and he looked at me and said “Poop”.  So sure enough it was time for a diaper change.  I guess pretty soon he will tell me “Poop” before he goes!

Now he is taking a nap.  I am going to put a picture up which is a shot of his toys.  He had them scattered all over the place.  I love the bright colors.  I guess we could not be accused of not getting the poor child any toys.  He enjoys them all though.  I try to record these things so he can read all about his early years someday.

2 thoughts on “Poop, Pizza and Puppets (ok muppets, but I had this alliteration thing going)

  1. Exchange the toys for clothing, books and shoes and you have my daughter’s room. Except with no floor visible at all. None. She would be pretty mad if I took a photo of THAT!

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