Dire Home Inspection

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the house we were going to buy if the home inspection did not reveal anything dire.  Funny that I said that because it did (reveal somethings dire that is).  When presented with a ten page home inspection which included electrical and foundation problems – we ran for our lives and backed out of the deal.  (We later learned that our home inspector is very good but he is affectionately known as "the dealbreaker" around town.)

So we went looking some more.  Found one house we liked but we could hear the interstate inside the house.  It a real nice house – small but nice – built in 2001.  We decided against it though.  We pretty much exhausted our options so we went back to the house we'd backed out of. (out of which we'd backed?  That just does not sound right. :))   I think our savvy realtor knew we were going to do this.  He was very patient and let us lead our way back to that house.  He's a great realtor.  He had an electrician come look at the house.  It's actually wired just fine according to 1965 code.  There was work that needed to be done but it was covered by our repair allowance.  A beam needed to be replaced under the house; some piers and joists needed to be added as well.  The owner agreed to do all this and they finished it up yesterday.  The house is looking good and we are again set to close next week.  Yay.  Davey loves playing at the new house.  He is having fun with the kaskillions of pine needles we are going to need to rake up. 


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