Chicks! Goose! Bye bye…

For the past few weeks, we have been going to Atwoods pretty regularly.  Davey loves to see all the babies!  We went this morning, and they'd completely restocked.  There were chicks, guineas, bantys, pullets (I don't really know what the last two are), turkeys, ducks, and geese.  They are in those big metal trough looking containers. 

I put Davey in a buggy and he peeks over the side of the containers.  He loves to watch all the babies.  When he is finished, he says "bye-bye" and waves and he is ready to go look at the next set of babies.  We go round and round looking at all of them.  We watched the geese all get into fresh water and take a bath.  There were two baby ducks who were swimming around having a great time.   Davey loves it.  Actually, I do too!

It's kind of a cloudy gray day today, and after we went to Atwoods, we went to this park that is right between Ouachita and Henderson.  David can remember going there when he was a little boy.  Davey was not too interested in the playground equipment.  Instead he likes looking around on the ground.  He picked up a rock, a plastic bottle lid, an empty straw wrapper, and a package of salt.  He carried them all around.  He likes to stick things through the fence and then try to retrieve them.  We stayed there for a little while, but it was kind of chilly so we headed home.

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