“Heep!!! Heep!!!”

Davey's new favorite tv show is Shaun the Sheep.  If you are not familiar with Shaun the Sheep, they are 8-9 minute episodes about yes, sheep.  They are claymation looking - like Wallace and Gromit.  David and I really enjoy them too.  They are very funny.  One of them had a sheep training montage in it today – complete with a "Rocky-Like" Victory Ascent to the top of the steps  – including outstretched cheering sheep arms.  Very clever and well-done.  At least we think so.

Davey goes nuts for Shaun the Sheep.  He starts yelling "HEEP!  HEEP!", and then gets very excited when we turn it on.  (I am recording every new episode on the DVR.) 

I can't get the theme song out of my head. 

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