Easter Sunday

A couple of days late – but I wanted to post a few pictures from Easter Sunday.  It poured for most of the day, but we went to church.  The service was very nice and the music was great.  Davey had a great time in the nursery.  Apparently, he plays and plays and talks and talks.

After church, we took him home for a nap. He slept well and then we went to Little Rock to Lisa and Will’s.  They had a great lunch for us.  Two words:  Grape Salad!

They have baby bunnies, and Davey loved seeing them.  He got a little overzealous when he first saw one of the bunnies, and I was worried the bunny would not survive Davey’s grasp.  Davey charged over to the bunny and tried to grab him by the neck with both hands.  It kind of looked like he was going to strangle him.  (In overzealous love, not on purpose! :))  But the bunny made it, and Davey enjoyed looking at them and watching them hop around.

Hannah has a karaoke machine.  Davey picked up the microphone and started to sing right into it.  I have no idea where he learned out to do this.  Ok, I guess I might have an inkling.  He’s watched a little American Idol with us on Tuesday nights.  I guess that’s where?

He had a good time singing though.  Only he knows the lyrics.

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