Daddy are you????? and Christina decides never to rake again.

Davey is starting to put words together.  When he wants to know where we are, or if he thinks we should be home but we are not yet, he says, "Daddy are you??"  Or "Mommy are you??"  (Quite the little budding philosopher.)

He says "Daddy home".  "Mommy Up".  "Mommy Sleep".  Of course, "No Daddy no!" 🙂

Onto a more traumatizing note.  (Not involving Davey at all.)  I was raking this afternoon.  Davey was playing on the backporch.  Part of our backyard is a big hill covered with rocks.  The rocks and crevices between are currently filled with leaves and pine needles.  So we are trying to get them raked out.  I had high hopes of getting this done before it warmed up, but it was not to be.  David has been so busy that we have pretty much resigned ourselves to beginning all projects house-related after the semester is over.

So I was raking away, and suddenly I raked up a snake.  I about came out of my shoes.  I dropped the rake (I think.  I have not been back to check.), and I ran screaming (pretty sure I was yelling pretty loud) back to the backporch.  Unfortunately I was not that far from the backporch to start out with, so it didn't really ease my mind to reach the porch.  Davey was not looking worried, so maybe I yelled loudly in my mind and not so much in my outside voice. 

I admit, it was a very small snake.  Skinny and maybe 7 inches long.  I don't care.  I am scared to death of snakes.  It is irrational.  Thanks to many seasons of Survivor I can now look at pretty ones on tv without turning the channel.  I still am no good in real life meetings. 

So I am now done raking until it freezes again.

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