Davey and the pantry

Davey likes to head to the pantry to play.  He pulls down the cans, boxes of jello, etc., and has fun playing on the floor of the pantry.

However, you never know what is going to strike his fancy.  One morning, I was still asleep, but David was up getting Davey's breakfast.  David said he looked up, and here came Davey out of the pantry with crumbs on his face holding an open bag of Lay's potato chips.  (This was a little troubling as we don't typically let him eat chips especially without supervision as those sharp little things tend to get stuck in his throat.)

Another time (as the pictures below will illustrate) we found him seated on the floor eating bread.  Most recently, he came out of the pantry munching on a soft corn tortilla.  And that's a little something about Davey and the pantry.



2 thoughts on “Davey and the pantry

  1. Independence is a very scary thing, isn’t it? I love all these posts! You’ve been outblogging me by a mile. . . keep it up. I love it! xoxoxo Ang

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