Davey loves bubbles.  Last summer, he was a little young to get too excited about them, but I'd bought this great great bubble blowing thing from Cracker Barrel.  It got left out in the rain and ruined so I got a new one at Walgreens.  Well this was a tiger or something and you pushed on his tummy or something, I can't remember for sure.  I only remember that it was a piece of junk and did not work. 

So I went the old fashioned route.  Big bottle of bubbles with a wand with three holes at one end.  That really wasn't getting the job done either.  I'd have to try a few times to get several bubbles going and by that point he was chasing a rock on the ground or throwing pine cones.  It seemed like he was yelling bubbles again just as a big bunch of them burst behind him.  

So today I went back to cracker barrel and did we get a bubble blowing apparatus.  It's awesome.  It blows (with the aid of a battery operated fan thing) tons of bubbles.  All those bubbles – I can only describe it by saying it looked like magic.  

Davey loved it.  David took some pictures: 







He loved playing with the bubbles on this day before he turns one and a half.  18 months. Sweet boy.

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