Antsa Bitesa! and Birds Birds Birds!

Poor Davey got into the ants the other day.  He got several little bites on his hands and feet.   He refers to them as his Antsa Bitesa.  It has a little Italian flare to it!  His bites are healing up quickly though thank goodness.  I ask him does he have any ows?  He looks at his hands very carefully. 

Every week I tape CBS Sunday morning with Charles Osgood.  It is the best show on TV.  I don't always get a chance to watch it in the morning, so I always tape it.   At the end of the show, they often do a short segment where you see some scenes of nature.  For example, this last Sunday, they'd filmed in a bayou near Baton Rouge.  There is no talking or music, just the sounds of nature. There were some beautiful white birds – maybe cranes?  Then they show this sleepy looking alligator.  He is almost completely submerged and he raises one lazy eye to look toward the camera.  
So Davey saw the end of the show with us.  He has gone bananas for that 90 second nature segment.  Since Sunday, it happens at least once a day where Davey will start saying "birds birds birds!"  over and over, and then "hippo hippo"!   (When he says bird, it sounds more like bud with just a little r in it.  Hippo is more like "ippo")  He gets very excited and becomes adamant that we play it immediately.  He wants to watch it anywhere from 10-20 times.  He loves it!  I love that he loves it because it's one of my favorite parts of the show also. He loves watching the birds and that "hippo".  The hippo is of course an alligator.  Most times he argues with me and says that no it is a hippo. He sometimes will agree that it is an alligator,and other times he insists it is a hippo.  But I can understands his confusion.  It does look like how a hippo raises his head out of the water.  It is not doing much good at this point to explain that there are no wild hippos in Louisiana. 
Oh and I did bake a cake for Oma's birthday the other day.  Nothing fancy – a cake mix with chocolate icing.  Not even homeade much less a torte!  But it's good. 
And finally, I took some pictures of Davey yesterday.  I need to put some new ones up on flickr.  Here are a few that I liked though.  The light wasn't great, but I got some when we were playing and then when he was getting ready to take a nap.  (The nap didn't happen as he'd slept until about 8:30 that morning, instead of 7, and it threw him off.) It's very rare for him to resist a nap though, so it was fine.  We had fun taking pictures anyway!

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