Davey talks

I am trying to remember all the first things that Davey is saying.  Every day I say – I need to blog this!  I need to blog that!


For example yesterday (Which was Mother’s Day and a nice day it was), Davey got into bed with us at about 6 am.  We had hopes that he might sleep a little more, but that was not to be.  Instead he said, “Hungry.  Toast.  Grapes.  Nanas.  Booce”.  That’s the first time he had told us he was hungry, and definitely the first time that he laid out the menu for us.


Today he said,  “Daddy home?”  I said, “yes, he’s just outside for a minute”.  Then Davey said, “All Day?”  He’s going to be so happy to realize that David is home for the summer.


Karen sent this shirt for Davey the other day.  I’d actually bought it for Mikayla and one for Jadyn several years ago.  It’s a 4T and if fits him really good already.  He loves it.  It’s so fun that we have it for him to wear.  As you can see though, it’s dirty.  That happens about 30 seconds after we put a clean shirt on him.  Yesterday we were in Pizza Hut, and there was a little girl in there.  She was about Davey’s age, or a little younger, and she was dressed a white dress with a full skirt.  She had a pretty curl pinned with a crisp ribbon in her perfectly brushed hair.  She didn’t look real.  Davey’s hair would have had jelly in it, the ribbon smooshed in his hand, and the dress covered with pizza sauce.  (If he were a girl of course – although I guess maybe that’s the point.  He’s not.)
Ok I went to bed with wet hair so it is just a mess.  As is my desk behind me.  I wanted to have a picture of our “mother/son” socks.  Davey’s socks were supposed to be for a 0-3 month size.  I made a swatch too if you can believe it.  His are cabled.  Mine have a mock cable which is really fun to do.  I have started the second of both socks.

Ok.  That’s it for now.

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