Bubble Butt

I want to post about our trip to the zoo, our trip to El Dorado yesterday, and our trip to pick strawberries in Donaldson the other day.  I am going to do that, but tonight I am just kind of tired, so I am going to post about Bubble Butt.


I was getting Davey ready for bed the other night, and I’d just put his pajama shorts on.  His shirt got kind of tucked into the back of his shorts, and his shorts were kind of bunched up over his diaper.  Before thinking, I observed, “Davey you look like you have a bubble butt.”  Not my brightest moment.  Davey loves to say bubble butt.  He can say it Clear as day.  “bubble butt.  bubble butt.”  I just hope he does not pick an inopportune moment to say it.  Of course he has no idea what he is saying.  And I have to admit it is very funny to hear him say it.  For some reason, David said it today in Walmart.  I can’t remember why.  Oh Davey picked up on that immediately and proceeded to repeat it over and over again.  So silly!


Well, I am revived and on a roll now, so I will continue.  We did take Davey to the zoo last Sunday.  I am actually kind of glad I waited to blog about it, because half the fun of the trip to the zoo has been listening to him talk about it ever since we got home.  He still talks about it every day.   Every once in awhile, he will come up to me and out of the blue say, “ducks in water”  or “chimps LOUD ahhhh ohhhhhhhhhh  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.  He also frequently mentions the “rang a tang way up high in air”.  (The orangutan was perched up on a seat way up high on a pole.)  He tells us that there were also turtles in the water and “camels riding” as there were kids and adults going on camel rides.


It was a very fun day.  At one point, he attempted to get as close as possible to 2 guineas.  He wasn’t scared at all.  The guineas were probably not too thrilled.

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