I am feeling bloggily overwhelmed.  I have stories I want to post from over the last several weeks.  I may have to go chronologically a little out of order to get caught up.


Davey says okay to everything.  It means yes, but if you say do you want milk for dinner?  “okay”.  Did you like your pizza?  “okay”.  Do you want lemonade or milk?  “okay!”


He likes repeating whatever we say too.  We were playing a game and asking him what he wanted to eat. We’d say “cheese?”, and he would yell “no cheese!”.  So then we asked “pickle-os”?  He yelled “no pickle-os!”  We couldn’t resist asking him that several times as he said it so darn cute.


Darn. That’s another problem.  Apparently I say that word way too much.  Imagine – Davey has picked up on it!  “Darn it”, he says.  I suppose there are much worse things he could be hearing from me.   But I am still trying to limit my use of darn.  However, as David has pointed out, half the time I don’t even realize that I have said it.


This morning we went to the lake.  Davey had a great time.  It was his first experience of walking in sand barefoot.  He is a lot like his daddy when it comes to his feet.  So he’s a little uncomfortable with new foot sensations.  Like his daddy, he can sense the smallest grain of sand in his crocs, and he wants it out!  (Remember David is the one who has gotten rocks in his shoes while walking through the mall.)


Here’s Davey a little unsure about this whole sand thing:

Here he is stepping gingerly through the sand:


He soon gained confidence though and had fun digging with his shovel.  After he dug for awhile, we threw some rocks and waded a little.  Then we went walking around.  We walked over to a cove where we saw a big white crane of some type.  There was another cool smaller bird of some type.  Maybe some kind of tern?  He kind of scrunched his neck to hold his head down low when he walked.  Very cute.  Davey loved looking for the birds, and when they flew away to another area, he said, “Try again?”  And off we went to try to find them again.

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