This and That

Yesterday when I was at VBS, David and Davey walked to the bottom of the driveway.  That doesn’t sound like much does it?  Well our driveway looks like this:


That looks pretty steep doesn’t it?  Davey insisted on walking down all by himself without holding hands.  He did great.  He walked back up too.  I think Big D and Little D did some grunting as they went up and down, as Little D was working pretty hard!


Tonight for dinner, Davey ate strawberries, applesauce, and licked the peanut butter off the peanut butter and crackers.  He drank milk too.  Gosh he is particular right now.  The pediatrician has warned us several times, but it’s still frustrating!  Although, per Mayo Clinic (my child source) – we should not make a big deal out of it – as part of it is him learning about having control over certain things.  So we just go with it.  He will eat.  We took him to Little Italy for lunch.  He ate quite abit of spaghetti and bread.  David and I had already had lunch, and Davey had an early nap, so he woke up a little later.  In our desperation – we took him there.  We had a house salad.  He ate pretty darn well though.  (Last night he ate about 5 pinto beans at Janis’ house.  That was quite impressive! – I think he ate well because Kylie was there.  If there is an older child around, then he seems to kind of want to imitate, which includes eating a little more!)


He had a nice time at the waterpark today too.  He was very busy taking a stem of a leaf and using it as a “key”.  There was a locked up kiosk type thing, and it had several padlocks on it.  Davey tried to “unlock” them all.  He also saw an ant and got all the way down on his tummy to observe it.  He chased a butterfly too which was fun to watch, because he pretty much chased it in the exact same manner as the butterfly flew.  Very flitty.


Today when I was at VBS, David took him to the lake. They threw rocks in the lake, looked at big flock of turkey buzzards, and fed the ducks.  Then they both were uncomfortable with the rocks and sand that had accumulated in their shoes.  (Like father like son – David can get a rock in his shoe walking in the mall.)  So they stopped and cleaned up their feet, and then went on.  They had a good time.

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