Homeade bread, Peach Jam and Pizza!

I have been making some great stuff that I just had to record for posterity.  Plus I like to think of titles that just don’t seem to go together. 🙂

Last night I made this honey wheat bread recipe.  It was on the back of the Gold Medal hole wheat flour package.  It made two loves, and I was not sure my kitchenaid was going to survive kneading that much dough, but it persevered.  It turned out really good.  I need to put one of the loaves in the freezer to keep it fresh, although I don’t know that loaf number one is going to last too long.   For breakfast, I had it with some peach jam that I made.  WOW.  I felt like I was back at Oma’s house having fresh baked bread and jelly with her.


Then the other day, I made some really good homeade pizza.  It has to be good because we eat a lot of pizza and spaghetti around here these days.  Our little seemingly Italian kid loves both things.  So I now have a great recipe for pizza dough thanks to my old friend Melanie.  What was fun was that I topped the pizza with tomatoes and basil from my tiny container garden.  (I left part of it plain cheese for the little boy.)



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