David’s Mustang

David went home a week ago or so to get the Mustang.  His mom picked him up here (she’d been in Texarkana) and he rode home with her.

The Mustang has been at Johnny’s house since we left Tennessee.  (He has a great storage building.)  He’d been starting it up and driving it for David, but a few months ago it quit starting.  David figured out that it needed a new regulator (I think) and then also a new battery.  Once he got those things replaced, it fired right up.
He drove it home with no a/c.  (It needs to be fixed.)  It was a hot drive, but I think he enjoyed it.  He took the smaller roads through Mena home, so it made for a fun drive.
Davey and I stayed home.  We had a nice time.  It was weird sleeping here without David, but Koko was at the foot of the bed watching over me!
Davey was excited to see David get home.  He kept calling the Mustang “Nanny’s car”.  David showed him where all the little horses are on the car, and he walks around it sometimes to point them out.  He always remembers where they are.  Seems like there are 4 or 5 of them.


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