Sometimes it is not so easy to get Davey to bed.  Tonight was one of these nights.  If you miss that perfect window, then it's that much harder.  I am not sure there was a window tonight, but if so, we missed it.  

I think he is asleep now.  Right before I laid him back down he said, "bubble gum, bubble gum".  At first I said, "you don't chew bubble gum." But then I remembered that we always sing "yum yum yummmm, bubble gum gummm" – a song we made up when he was an infant to help him take Tylenol.  So I said "medicine?"  He said that yes he needed some medicine.  I asked him what hurt, and he showed me his arm.  I asked if he bumped it, and he said, "yes I bumped my arm."  No sign of injury up to this point. He gets funny ideas.  Maybe his mouth hurt or something?  Not sure.  

Then he dropped his two pacifiers.  Two seconds later he is wailing, "I miss them!!! I miss my tas!!!" (Ta – is what he calls his pacifier. – as in Ta Da – which is what I used to say when I'd pick his pacifiers up from under the crib.)  He is SO dramatic.  I have to say that he gets that from David!

He is saying so many sentences.  He kept saying, "I need more butter" tonight at dinner.  We had breakfast for dinner which included blueberry muffins.  We cut up a muffin for him, but he just liked licking off the butter.  eww. 

He and David also love to draw together.  Tonight David asked him to draw a tree.  He drew a very long line, put another beside it, and then he kind of did a scrunchy thing at the top.  Very tree-like. 

Ok those are a few little stories that I don't want to forget. 

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