County Fair!!!

This has been the week of the fair.  On Wednesday, we went over the fairgrounds so I could submit 3 things that I knit.  Socks, An infant kimono, and a sweater I made for Davey. I noticed as I submitted them that they were all some shade of green.  I didn’t do that on purpose, and although I do love green, I do knit things in other colors.


After I turned those in, we took our first walk around the livestock. Davey loved the cows, bunnies, poultry, pigs and goats. We looked around their several times.

On Thursday, we went to the parade. Davey loved that too. Loud fire trucks, horses, the bands (OBU, HSU and Arkadelphia High), he was very excited. He also loved picking up the candy that was thrown out. He can’t even eat most of it yet, but he did not care. It was just fun picking it up.

It’s been raining cats and dogs all week too. But it let up for the parade yesterday, and it let up for our two visits today. Davey and I went this morning. We looked at all the animals, again and again and again! Davey loved seeing the cows. He told me that the bunnies and poultry were trapped in their cages and they couldn’t get out! I told him that they were keeping them safe in there so they wouldn’t get hurt. He seems to already have a very kind heart toward animals. Yay for that. He also got to pet a cow. He was a little hesitant, but I reached out and petted what actually was probably an enormous bull, and I said, “he’s very soft”, so then he tried it. Just once though.

We went back tonight with David. We had planned to try to go to the livestock show, but Davey wasn’t interested in watching it for too long. Too slow-paced I guess. We looked at all the exhibits (my knitted stuff all got first place. I don’t quite understand how that whole process works. Everyone gets first or second (mostly firsts) and then there is one (or two or three) awards for Best in Show. It was fun though.

Davey had his first ride on the merry-go-round. He loved it!

Here is another one of my favorite pictures of the night. The little boy is learning to say cheese and throw us a great grin with it. 🙂

Another highlight was Davey milking the huge cow. (not a real cow). He just had so much fun!

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