Mommy? What are you doing?

Davey has conversations with me that consist of a series of questions.  "Mommy?"  "You knitting?"  "With your yarn?"  "And your needles?"  "You making a scarf?"  We do this a lot during the day.  And sometimes in the middle of the night.

Davey has what I am pretty sure is the flu.  We may have caught it early enough so that the tamiflu is really kicking in.  He's much better today.  He went to bed last night at 6:30pm so he woke up about 1am, ready to chat.  He wanted to come to our bed.  "I want some milk."  "Mommy get me some milk."  Then he started talking and talking.  I was so tired, that I don't really remember what he was talking about. I need to ask David.

Also, the other night, Davey was sitting next to me on the couch.  All of a sudden he smiled and started looking really intently into my eyes.  I mean really looking into my eyes.  Finally he smiled some more, and he said, "There's a picture of me in your eyes."  He could see his reflection.  It was the sweetest thing.

And finally, the other day, David went to the post office with me.  He likes to help me carry in whatever I am mailing, and he hands it to the postal employee.  Well, I guess I was daydreaming or thinking about something, and I drove right past the post office.  I had just passed it, and I hear from the backseat, "Mommy, there's the post office!"  So glad to have Davey keep me on track!

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