Davey Stories

I am trying to remember to write down the little things that Davey does and says!  Just a few weeks until his 2nd birthday.

He loves to put his dishes in the sink when he is done with them.  It's best to remember to give him a plastic bowl, because when he is done he goes to the kitchen and reaches back and throws the bowl into the sink as hard as he can.   🙂 Crash!  He wants to help!

He had so much fun in Branson this past weekend.  We went with the OBU International Club.  The students are all so sweet to him, and although he is a bit overwhelmed by them at times, he did enjoy them as well.

David took him on this ride at Silver Dollar City that we THOUGHT was going to be slow.  It was next to the elephant ride, where you can make your car go high or low, but it went slow.  Well, this ride was nearly the Himalaya!   It went around FAST!  I was a nervous wreck.  Davey was fine.  When it was over, he looked at David and said, "Daddy, that was crazy!  Let's do it again!"

Last week we went to eat at Pizza Shack.  He loves their pizza and spaghetti.  He was talking and talking.  We spilled something, and he said, "we need to get a rag and clean it up".  When I went to pay, I noticed that she'd charged him the kid's price.  I knew that under 3 eats for free, so I asked her about it.  She thought he was 3 from the way he was talking!  (She took my word for it though and he ate for free.) 

He loves the dogs.  Timber is big and so Davey doesn't want to get to close to him or really to Koko and Daisy either – which is great, I work to keep them away from each other, but he always wants to save part of his food for them.  "Give this to Koko.  Give this to Timber.  Give this to Daisy."  It can be the smallest smidgeon of a snack, but he wants them to have it.  He loves to watch me feed these things to the dogs too. 

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